Express Bank - A safe way to get a loan in Norway

With more than 30 years of experience and over 100,000 customers in the Nordics, Express Bank offers consumer loans to the Norwegian market.

Express Bank makes it safe for consumers to borrow money. We offer a variety of loans and credits, including traditional consumer loans, debt consolidation and credit products through our partners. If you are looking for a loan in Norway and are looking for alternatives to a traditional bank loan, you have come to the right place.

Which loans would you like to consolidate?

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Låneeksempel: Effektiv rente 11,7%, 200.000 kr o/5 år, kostnad: 60.284 kr, totalt: 260.284 kr. Eksemplet forutsetter betaling med AvtaleGiro og at lånet tilbakebetales med like månedsbeløp på 4.412,69 kr over 5 år. Maksrente: 26.87%. Maks løpetid 180 mnd

We make it easy to get an instant consumer loan

Each year, we receive more than 400,000 applications for a fast loan in Norway and Denmark. One of the reasons why Express Bank is a popular choice among consumers is that we have simplified the application process, which means that in just a few steps, you can apply for an instant consumer loan online.

Receive your money in a few days

After applying for e.g. a debt consolidation loan, you can expect an answer in less than 15 minutes and in case your application is approved, you will receive the money on your bank account within a few days.

Use our loan calculator

Avoid incidental expenses by using our loan calculator. We have an easy and detailed loan calculator that will give you estimates of how much your loan will cost. All you need to do to apply for a debt consolidation loan is to fill out the information requested in the calculator. The information is regarding your existing loans, if you want to lend extra cash as well as the repayment period. Then the loan calculator provides you with information that guides your decisions about getting an instant consumer loan.

Calculate and apply for a loan

Different types of loans

We offer a variety of loans to Norwegian consumers. Common to all of them is that you as a consumer get the freedom to decide the amount of money you wish to borrow and the period of time in which you want to pay it pack. Below is a brief introduction to the different types of loans we offer:

Traditional consumer loans

If you are looking for a personal loan in Norway, we also offer traditional consumer loans up to NOK 200,000 which you can use on any consumer related product.

Debt consolidation

If you have several loans, getting a debt consolidation with comparably lower interest rates might be a good opportunity for you. Consolidating your payments also makes it easier for you to manage the debt. We offer debt consolidation loans up to NOK 500.000.

Credit card

If you apply for a product through one of our retailers you will get a credit card with a credit limit up to NOK 75,000 and use it as security when you are in the need for some extra money. This is a alternative to a traditional loan in Norway.

Get started right away


    How to apply for a consumer loan?

    The application process is fairly straight forward but it requires some information about your economy.

    1. Start the application process by filling out the calculator with information about the loans you want to consolidate. Then you will be sent to the application form where we need more information about your economy, personal details (such as address, phone number etc).
    2. Shortly after the application is sent, you will get information on whether or not it is approved. If your application is approved, we will request some more information from you.
    3. When you get the final approval the money will be on your account or consolidated after two business days.
    Why is my application declined?

    There is a variety of reasons why your application might be declined.

    • If you have any payment remarks or debt collection registered, you need get rid of them before applying. You can check your payment remarks in one of the credit information agencies.
    • You must have a registered address in Norway for the last three years or a registered income.

Learn more about Express Bank

Express Bank was founded in 1987 and today, the bank is owned by BNP Paribas Personal Finance, which employs 19,500 people and handles about 27 million debtors a year. This creates the financial stability which is a prerequisite to running a bank efficiently and securely. Amongst other benefits, Norwegian consumers choose to get an instant consumer loan from us because:

  • We have more than 30 years of experience
  • We collaborate with more than 2,000 distributors, i.e. Bohus and Bolia.
  • We employ more than 200 competent people
  • We offer a variety of loans that are easy to apply for

Express Bank is not only offering an easy way for consumers to get a loan in Norway. We are also present in both Denmark (Express Bank) and Sweden (SevenDay Bank).

Contact us if you have any questions: 233 08 300

Or learn more about our consumer loans here (in Norwegian)